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The new Mod Gang - MysterySeeker - 10-20-2016

Yup, that's right, you read that title correctly. After being promoted to admin, I could finally promote Baron Num Nums (formerly known as Hanaurie), Sir Dippingsauce, and Nefari (formerly Abia) as the new moderators of this forum.

I'm sure they'll do a great job taking care of this place while I'm not available!

RE: The new Mod Gang - Nefari - 10-20-2016

It is with great reverence that I, Nefari of, humbly move into the role of assisting the management and improvement of this site. It is not often that one receives an opportunity like this, the chance to freshly define and mold the standards of a community which, for years, had been left to flounder in the darkness without the guiding light of sweet, iron-fisted authority. I intend to change that, and with my appointment will come the unrelenting force of authoritarian dominance. Do not be afraid: I am not here to abuse my power. I am here merely to identify and address the flaws in the posts of people who protest, disagree with, or mildly annoy those in command, as is in the best interest of the site. I will keep you safe, citizens.

I AM THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. Do not think that my new position will affect my ego or ability to sympathize and hold a natural conversation with the inferiors. Like all of you, I started at the bottom, among the lowest of the low, a helpless plebian subject to every whim and whimsy of the oligarchy. Today I rise as a hero among the rest of you, triumphant proof that even the most useless among you can rise to a state of authority, can be admired and worshipped by those who were formerly their peers. I am, therefore, like any of you; I understand your plight, loyal denizens, and I am sympathetic.

Yet there must be some fundamental difference between us, yes? Some seed of potential planted in me that was, in you, never nurtured. Something that caused this course of events, that set me apart from you as a hero, a role model... a star. This power, this intrinsic superiority that defines who I am... I could use this for many things. But for you, with whom I share an equal respect despite all the reasons not to--for you, I promise to use the strength within me for good.

And to you, dear MysterySeeker, there are no words to express my gratitude. This website would be nothing with you, and without this website, I would be nothing. I was just like them, don't you realize? Yet you saw through that and saved me from my dark oblivion. Now I will do my best to perform this service for others. It is truly an honor, m'overlord. [Image: KfkeoC.png]

RE: The new Mod Gang - badatnames - 10-20-2016

personally disagree with the choices but alright

RE: The new Mod Gang - Baron Num Nums - 10-20-2016

That's ok. If we pull crap voice it here.

RE: The new Mod Gang - Dr. Quackpot - 10-20-2016

Hello all. First, I would like to formally say congratulations to the new mods. Hopefully everything will work out, and no problems will come of anything.

However I would like to voice my displeasure with one thing...

I don't like the mod color. Too bright! There are three times as much active mods now, and that means three times as much bright pink. It's an eyesore. If seeker could change the color to something more suitable, I'd be all for it. Thank you.

RE: The new Mod Gang - TanookiNick - 10-20-2016

I have one complaint, mostly being that I feel we didn't need 3 new mods. The initial discussions even brought up no new mods, mostly by Nefa if I remember correctly, and I in general agreed with that. I did say we should have one mod to replace Seeker, but I think 3 may be overdoing it.

thats just me tho idk

RE: The new Mod Gang - MysterySeeker - 10-20-2016

The new mods were not only elected to take the place of myself, but also that of FE and Soos, who have both gone inactive. And even back then we wanted to have 2 more mods in the forum because it was to stressfull for the two of us.

RE: The new Mod Gang - TanookiNick - 10-20-2016

Yeah, maybe swap the mod names to orange or red.

RE: The new Mod Gang - badatnames - 10-20-2016

but FE, soos, and you were all mods when the site was really popular(ish). it's not like that anymore. the new users have slowed down and posts just aren't as frequent. at most, we'd need you and one mod, in my opinion.

RE: The new Mod Gang - SirDip - 10-20-2016

If we were to have different colors for the mod usernames, I'd pick dark blue, for obvious reasons.