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Scheduled downtime: tomorrow, Jan 14 - Nefari - 01-13-2017


This should be the last patch of downtime for awhile.
What we will do:
  • Further update the forum theme, as mentioned here. The purpose of this is to fix the bugs people have been experiencing and streamline the forum appearance.

  • Add a new profile option that will allow users to choose how wide the forum appears on their screen. The available options would be fixed width (what we previously had, where the banner fits perfectly on the page) and scaling width (what we currently have, where the forum stretches to fit the screen). -- this is experimental.

There will be some changes to the site's appearance (again). After the update, a survey will be posted about these changes, and they will either stay or go back (maybe even change into something new if it's popular enough) based on how the majority responds.

The forum will be inaccessible while the updates are being made.

RE: Scheduled downtime: tomorrow, Jan 14 - JoyStar - 01-13-2017

Thanks for letting us know!

(Good time for me to binge-watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflex then XD)

RE: Scheduled downtime: tomorrow, Jan 14 - HopeCvon - 01-13-2017

Thanks for the heads up.