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New forum theme - Nefari - 03-14-2017


After a long, long, long wait (very very sorry), we now have the working themes ready and available for everyone to use.

The current default theme, which has been switched over as the current setting for all of you, is New Dark Green. And for those who preferred the look of the original, the Dark Green Old Model theme is also available.

To switch to Dark Green Old Model, go to User CP --> Edit Options --> Board Style.
Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select the theme you'd like to use from there.

All features should be fully functioning now, but if you experience any bugs or odd things with the new themes, please say so.

RE: New forum theme - Baron Num Nums - 03-14-2017

Looks fab man

RE: New forum theme - 8 Foot Dimmu - 03-14-2017

Thank You.........

RE: New forum theme - Ayaze - 03-14-2017

muh nostalgia

great tho

RE: New forum theme - Magpie - 03-14-2017

My god, this is amazing! Love the new, cleaner lines, looks great, as well as the layout of avatars and such.

RE: New forum theme - Magpie - 03-14-2017


RE: New forum theme - Baron Num Nums - 03-14-2017

^I knoow, I've been enjoying that :)

(although I'd still need more characters and img allowances for what I have in mind for the perfect sig...)

RE: New forum theme - daJoschi - 03-14-2017

Looks polished, i like it

And the Reply feature has been also fixed too

RE: New forum theme - HONEYPANTS!! - 03-14-2017

Looks awesome great job on it!

RE: New forum theme - SirDip - 03-14-2017

Oooooooo, not too shabby!