The Circle of Gravity Falls
So this is a theory that is just what my brain comes up with when you pour Gravity Falls into it.

So most of us have seen this, right?:

If not, there you go. It shows up in a split second at the end of the opening credits.

So my theory is based on the 10 symbols surrounding the pseudo-Illuminati Eye in the center. Each one is believed to correspond to a different character. Those characters are:

My belief is that these people are Chosen ones, but for what I dunno. Maybe to summon Eye creature, defeat it, or something else. I'm sure it probably also includes collecting the books. I also believe those symbols surrounding it are either spells they'll need or enemies they must defeat.(perhaps the Konami Code involves the game character from the next episode?)
The Mailman
I mentioned the same things here in this topic:

The problem I have with the Glasses is that they don't precisely match any of those characters you mentioned, though they do look a little like Toby's. The other possibility is Stan, but his glasses are rimmed all around. And the Sheriff is always wearing sunglasses.

But you know whose glasses I think they match?
[Image: screenshot20120903at658.png]

Also, great point about the Konami code and video game episode! I always dismissed it as a code joke, but that makes a lot of sense.
i agree with your observations on the representations of each symbol, though i'm not sure as to who could be the glasses, either
pa wasn't an especially important character so far as has been shown, but the glasses do match his, like mst3kei pointed out
i predict maybe pa will become relevant again, or maybe a character who hasn't been introduced yet could be the glasses
maybe even that lil small time reporter guy, whatever his name is?? "toby determined" according to the wikia lmao
i think my favourite thing about that screenshot is the pyramid guy though
i really hope that its symbol shows up more because so far it's only been seen in drawings and books and stuff and hasn't had much to do with the show
it's more of an allusion than anything and.... i want it to have MEANING!!!! it just looks so cool and there's a lot you could do with it ok
The windows at the Mystery Shack also look like the eye-pyramid.
(09-04-2012, 05:44 AM)mst3kei Wrote: The windows at the Mystery Shack also look like the eye-pyramid.
so many allusions but no real coverage...... i am deeply upset u____u
I think the glasses belong to a character that will be introuduced in the future
I don't really think those are Pa's glasses. Don't forget Stan has a pair.
The glasses wouldn't belong to a one time character like Pa.
(09-13-2012, 03:50 AM)JniX Wrote: The glasses wouldn't belong to a one time character like Pa.

Unless he isn't a one-time character! Haha I realize what a stretch that'd be, however I'm pointing out that the glasses in that circle don't really look like any pair we've seen so far in the show.
I saw somewhere that the glasses actually look like young-Stan's from The Time Traveler's Pig. Maybe this indicates both past-Stan/present-Stan will be important somehow. It also seems significant that certain characters may appear on the wheel twice (Mabel, possibly Stan, possibly Dipper), while other characters are only represented once (Soos, Gideon, Robbie, Wendy?).

The All-seeing Eye typically represents the eye of God watching over humanity. Makes me think some omnipresent being (or possibly a meddling time-traveler) has been watching over all these people, guiding them towards a certain fate in Gravity Falls?

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