Is Bill Cipher digital ¿
I first noticed in Dreamscaperers, when Bill was inside Grunkle Stan's mind, he spoke to Gideon on a screen that formed on his "torso".

They've shown Bill glitch at times, as TV screens do, and his death scene was no different, just more pronounced.

Bill glitches like technology. The specific form of his glitch looks similar to what happens on screens and monitors.

Could Bill Cipher be some form of ancient artificial intelligence projection ¿

I'm convinced he backed up his mind before perishing.

I hope we find out in a Gravity Falls movie.
That's an interesting idea! That might be part of how he's able to enter minds, since the brain uses electricity and sort of stores data in its own way, and it brings in some parallels with Giffany!
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It ties in with GORNT Theory too.

"The power inside" and the "ancient power" are probably nano-bots, possibly from another dimension.

It's how Bill took physical form. The statue he left behind is likely comprised of them and also contains his backup mind.

He's also confessed via Reddit that he has infinite multiversal doppelgangers and was shown to be multilocal in Ford's dreamscape.

The screenwriting behind him promising to return makes a movie or revival possible.
The first thing I thought of at the title was, "so Bill's a Digimon?" XD. Really interesting idea though. :)

Can we tie it in with how he came from basically Flatland? I started squeeing when he revealed that because it finally revealed what he meant in his AMA when he said "Edwin Abbot Abbot had a decent idea".

Oh, I just had another thought! When Bill possessed Alex, his Twitter got glitchy-looking to show it!
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He has very light powers over reality in dreamscaperer's but being able to manipulate digitally doesn't seem too far from his range. I don't know about him actually being digital, but in the finale he mentions he has control over matter which could include anything digital, so he probably gained that power to manipulate digitally.
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It is also interesting to note that Bill was able to add things to the Blind Eye website during a time he did not seem to have access to a physical form.

Bill has stated that he is a "being of pure energy." One could also argue that he is made up of electrical energy as that is (as best as I understand it) what brain activity is made up of. Thus, he may be able to manipulate electricity and thus, by an extension of some sort, machines.

If so, why doesn't he possess machines? Well, brain activity is very, very low powered electrical energy. You couldn't really "glitch" a machine into doing something major. But you could (probably) manipulate 1's and 0's on a small scale, I.E. changing a tiny bit of code in a web site.
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I'm thinking it's something along the lines of an ancient artificial intelligence program, used to run the space ship perhaps.

Maybe his creators are long since extinct, or still alive on their home planet.

It could be that Bill's "decaying dimension" was a matrix where he was made.

He mentioned being there for a trillion years, which is why I haven't made this an established theory entirely, but it could be, that the galaxy he keeps showing when talking about all the secrets of the universe, could just be where his creator's race lives.

Maybe Bill Cipher just wants to go home. lol

He mentioned wanting to move into this universe and kept his likeness when he got here.

If you'll refer to my GORNT Theory, you'll find a potential explaination as to how and wy Bill was able to take physical form.

I think his stone body is a highly advanced dormant technology, waiting to reactivate and containing a backup of his mind.
If Bill is digital, what display resolution does he have¿
(02-20-2016, 12:39 AM)The Sqoou Wrote: I'm thinking it's something along the lines of an ancient artificial intelligence program, used to run the space ship perhaps.

So, some questions about your theory...

So what are the other maniacs then? Other AI's? Creations of Bill's mind? A collective hallucination?

If Bill's body is highly advanced stone tech, what would it take to "awaken" him?

I haven't read your GORNT Theory. Can you sum it up or let me know where I can read it?

Why would Bill WANT to go home? Doesn't he have everything he needs right here?
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Well the parallel between dreams and the internet/digital world compared to the real world it a topic that's been visited and explored quite a bit so that'd be a neat link. Just look at Paprika, Perfect Blue and the Serial Experiments Lain.

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