The Missing Wax John Wilkes Booth
There may be a simple explanation for the missing figure of John Wilkes Booth in "Headhunters."

Stan said "Come on, who left the blinds open? Wax John Wilkes Booth, I'm looking in your direction!" and looks off-screen at one of the figures, blaming it for the melting of Wax Abraham Lincoln.

No figure of Booth is ever seen, including the funeral scene where all of them were supposed to be gathered. My theory is that Stan simply mistook Wax Edgar Allan Poe for Booth. Both were dark-haired, mustached men. Stan's knowledge the wax figures is far from complete. He calls Wax Larry King a "goblin man."

Wax Abraham Lincoln was a "personal favorite" of Stan's, and he would likely have learned the history of Lincoln's infamous assassin. But he might not know the famous writer, Poe.
I believe the proper response is, Boosh !!!→

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